Transport & Transporters

Transport & Transporters


It is up to you, the buyer, to pick up their horse, or arrange transport. We have several transporters that we can refer to you depending on where you live. We home horses all over the country.
Average cost of transport is anywhere between $1.00-$3.00 per mile, (from Cleveland, TN to the destination of your choice) per horse. Obviously, if you are purchasing more than 1 horse, your cost will be closer to the $1.00 per mile, per horse. Every transporter set their own price. Some transporters are better than others, we’ve seen first hand. We will not say or bad mouth such transporters, so don’t ask. The transporters we recommend are ones that we trust with our own horses.
If you need transport to cross state lines out of Tennessee, you will more than likely need a health certificate on that horse. Please confirm with your transporter. This is done by our personal vet, and her fee is $50. If you are purchasing up to 11 horses and they are all going to the same place, all 11 can go on one health certificate. 12 or more will require more health certificates, at $50 each. Please PayPal [email protected] for this fee at least 36 hours before scheduled pick-up. Health Certificates are valid for 30 days.
The following information will be needed for the vet to complete the health certificate:

First Name;
Last Name;
Destination Address of the horse;
Phone number;

We do not supply water, hay, or feed for the transporter, that is between you and them to arrange before pick-up. Sometimes it may take several days to get your horse to your destination, please make sure you and your transporter are prepared for the journey for your horse. Transport can be stressful, let’s try to make it as easy on them as possible.
PLEASE make sure YOUR HAULER is equipt with leads and halters. They will need them to haul your horse. Horses are safer traveling tied up. It’s like a seat belt for them. If we provide a halter and lead, you, the buyer, will be charged a $25 halter fee, and that halter and lead is yours. If you choose to purchase a halter and lead ahead of pickup time, let us know and we will have one ready for you.
We do not sedate to transport or any other time. Again, if you or your transporter decide to go that route, that’s between the 2 of you, and they must supply the necessary tools to do so.
All horses will come with a current negative Coggins. If you should need any other paperwork that the transporter requires, just let us know.

List of Transporters WE recommend:

Transport is arranged between you, the buyer, and the transporter. Any fees associated with transport is between you and them. For helpful hints and other information please see the other note titled “Transport”.
Here is a list of Transporters in no particular order:

** Horse Transport- Ian- 586-243-7458
**Saddle Sense- Samantha Boccabello- 864-371-9533- [email protected] Transports lower 48 states.
** JR Austin- 540-223-6062- East Coast- every other week
** Tommy Hayes- 256-310-7796- all over
** AB Transport- 479-221-5867- all over
**A New Arrival Transport- Corbin Lupien- 231-429-0715- all over
** R&S Transport- 256-744-3443-all over
** Equine Express- Kayla or Tony Adams- 865-456-5233- 1000 miles radius within 37323