Interested in a Horse... Now What?

Interested in a horse... Now What???

So you’ve found your soul horse, now what? The process is easy.
Message us either on our Facebook page or email- include which horse you are referring to and any questions you may have. You can also call or text TJ at 423-715-5024.
Arrange transport for your horse. We home horses literally all over the country. Unless you live in or are willing to travel to Cleveland, TN you will need to arrange transport. We have several references for transport we can provide upon request. Average rate for transport is $1.50-$2.00 per mile/per horse. (* see TRANSPORT in NOTES section for more info)
Pay the horses bail via PayPal to [email protected] and message the page the confirmation of payment. Once we receive payment, the horse is yours and we will mark it”SAFE”.
You have 24 hours from the time of payment to pick-up your horse. After 24 hours, board fees will apply. (*see BOARDING in NOTES section)
Pick-up the newest member to your family. Please message page, call or text 24 hours in advance to schedule pick-up day and time, or let us know who the transporter is and when they are expected to be picking up your horse. Also, whether or not it’s you or someone else picking up, if you could give us a heads up when you are about an hour out, that helps us greatly too. Sometimes we have 5-10 horses being picked up in a day, and we don’t have valet parking.
Stay in touch!!! We get very attached to most of these babies, we love to hear how they are doing and see how they grow. We have created a group on Facebook just for you to share your experience, story and most of all PICTURES!! The name of the group is called “Saved Souls- TSP” ask to join and keep in touch.
Enjoy your new journey with your new best friend! Horses have always been a large part of our lives. They get you through hard times and smile with you in the good times. Love them and enjoy them.
We love referrals and repeat customers! Share our Facebook page, and share our posts. Horse people tend to gravitate toward other horse people, these horses need all the love and help they can get to survive and find new homes.


First Come, First Served

All horses are sold/saved first come, first served. We try our very best to be fair with this process and this is the only way we can be fair to the horse and to everyone involved. We understand this may hurt some feelings, but our #1 priority is to save these horses and find them homes, so we can then save more horses.
We are not going to tell you if and how many others are interested in the same horse you are. We aren’t a used car lot, and don’t ever want anyone to feel pressured to purchase something they don’t want. We don’t want to be perceived as pushy or pressure kind of people. Our suggestion is to assume there are 3-5 others interested as well, because they are. Make your decision based on that. Something about that horse caught your eye, odds are that same something caught the eye of another.
We simply can’t hold a horse because you were interested first. The only way we can hold a horse is with a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. (*see HOLDING A HORSE in NOTES section for more information). Until we have the horses bail or deposit, that horse is AVAILABLE to anyone.
If for some reason, 2 or more, people send money for the deposit or bail at the same time, the one that WE receive first will be the owner of that horse. The others will then be notified and given the option to choose another horse, or receive a refund.
We apologize if this hurts any feelings, that is not our intention. This is the fairest way we see fit to handle this situation for the horse’s safety and to insure they find a home.:

Holding a Horse:

We have been asked countless times if we can “hold a horse” for them.
YES, we can. We just need a few things in return from you. For us to be able to “hold a horse” and mark it “SAFE” you will need to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of at least 1/2 the horses bail amount. We will hold the horse for up to 5 business days for you to make the necessary arrangements for the remainder of the bail and transportation. ***Board Fees will apply, (*see board fees in NOTES section)
This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you decide that on day 4 that you don’t want the horse or can’t have the horse, you will not get your deposit back and the horse will then be marked “UNSAFE” to be at risk to ship.
Once a horse’s bail is paid or has a deposit on the bail, we will mark it “SAFE” and it is no longer available for anyone else to purchase. (* see NOTES section regarding first come first served)
FULL bail, boarding fees, health certificate fee MUST be paid in FULL before pick-up!!!