$15/day, per horse

We offer Boarding and Quarantine:

Our RATES: 15/day per horse

Board and Quarantine fees are due EVERY Monday starting 24 hours after bail or 1/2 bail is made. You have 24 hours from the time you post bail to pick up your horse. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, and MUST be paid in full before picking up your horse. Please make sure we have your email address so an invoice can be sent via PayPal.
Benefits of Boarding or Quarantine with us include: Alfalfa hay, treats, and grain. Free range of over 135 acres of pasture to roam, run, and graze, and daily pettings of course. These horses are used to each other and get along with each other. They are used to us and our feeding regimen. At times we will get horses that come in with a cold. These horses are kept in a separate pasture or stall until their cold has passed. It’s just part of it, but we try our best to keep the healthy horses healthy. We have 3 different pastures, and several lots within those pastures. at this time we also have a large barn with 7 stalls, and a 50 x 50 x 6 round-pen. Boarding or quarantining with us insures that your horse is happy, less stressed, and overall is great hands. There are several boarding/quarantine facilities nationwide, and if you prefer something closer to you, that’s ok too. But, if you need somewhere for your horse to stay until you get transport scheduled, moving to a new place, or just need time to fix up your existing place, we can help! It’s where they want to be if they can’t be with you.

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